Welcome to Castine

Providing Answers for Over 30 Years

Castine Consulting LLC (formerly named Cogent Consulting) has been a global provider of management solutions for over 30 years. Its legacy products have been installed in over 60 countries and at over 4,000 sites. We know software and we know how to support it.

Castine’s current product line-up is aimed exclusively at the investment community and covers trader compensation, performance and profitability reviews, compliance and due diligence, CSAs (Commission Sharing Arrangements), and most recently RPAs (Research Payment Accounts).

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Why Choose Castine

  • Expertise

    Castine’s principals are recognized as world leaders in broker reviews, compensation, and commission management solutions. Castine’s partners, including Integrity Research, bring depth and breadth to our offerings.

  • Cloud Access

    Castine’s technology uses the latest tools to provide a truly up-to-date experience to its clients. Complete browser and device independence (vs. legacy or client-server systems) improve productivity and functionality.

  • Responsiveness

    By using the latest open source tools, Castine can deliver best of breed systems in a fraction of the time that legacy or older systems can. Response times for enhancements are measured in hours or days vs. months and years.

Supporting Our Clients

Castine Consulting and its predecessors have operated in the financial sector for over 30 years, continually offering products that became the #1 or #2 largest players in each of their market segments. That is only possible given a clear and consistent approach to supporting our clients

Understanding Needs

The first step in any successful relationship is understanding your needs. They could be to save time, or money, or resources. They could be to give one’s team members better answers far faster than they could with existing options. Nothing starts without clear goals.


There are “good” and “bad” ways to customize a system. We feel that the “good” way is to improve our product line with extensions that all clients can benefit from should they choose, rather than creating one-off, hard-to-support custom systems.


Castine delivers solutions that work. They collect the proper data from data feeds or users, process them correctly, and generate value-added answers to you and your team. This is the cornerstone of our 100% acceptance guarantee.


Relationships are built on long term support. Castine doesn’t deliver software to you and then walk away; we are there from the very first meeting through implementation and right on into your day-to-day support needs. Our support covers upgrades, warranty, and ongoing usage help.